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A Shout Out To The Developers At BitYota

CaptureI have to admit, I was a skeptic when I first heard about BitYota.   I wasn’t sure how a small startup team could compete with database companies with hundreds of developers and 10 or more years of time to perfect their software.  But I have to give a shut out to Harmeek Singh Bedi and Paresh Goswami and all the talented people who work with them for pulling it off!  I’ve seen them put the software through it’s paces on Azure and AWS without breaking a sweat – like 30,000 transactions per second data loads on a single node, sub 1 hour batch loads of a TB from AWS across the Internet to Azure, and very complex queries running concurrently in minutes against 20+ Billion rows (comparable to the best performance from a highly tailored on premise data appliance vendor).   Granted, they haven’t had time to perfect all the bells and whistles that the big guys have had years to build out, but at the core level the software performs where it really counts.

I don’t know what the future holds for the company, but this engineering team should be very proud of what they have accomplished!

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